Welcome to the NFL!

The NFL is America’s number one sporting passion and is ingrained in the country’s culture. The top 10 most-watched television shows in the United States are all NFL Super Bowls. But the NFL is much more than America’s game now – regular season games have been played in London since 2007.

Three sold-out games were played at Wembley Stadium in 2014 and another three contests are on the slate for 2015. The sport of American football is going global, with international efforts in the United Kingdom leading the way.

American football was first shown on Channel 4 in January, 1983 and preseason games were played at the old Wembley Stadium from 1986-1993. But few could have predicted the current success the NFL is enjoying with multiple regular season games in the UK and Brits such as Menelik Watson (Oakland Raiders) and Lawrence Okoye (San Francisco 49ers) playing in the league.

While American football remains king in the United States, the game’s popularity has exploded in the United Kingdom with 11 regular season contests having been held in London since 2007 and talk growing of a potential team being placed on this side of the pond in the near future.

Each NFL season is covered comprehensively by Sky Sports and Channel 4 and begins in September. The roller-coaster, action-packed campaign culminates with one of the most spectacular annual sporting events in the world – the Super Bowl – which takes place each February.