FC Barcelona are one of the most successful clubs in football and are renowned around the world for their style of football and legendary players.

The club was founded in 1899 by a group of Swiss, English, German and Catalan footballers and become a symbol of local culture, leading to the motto "Més que un club". 

Barça have won countless titles throughout their history both domestically and on the European and global stage. They've achieved 22league titles and won 26 domestic trophies, as well as 12 European titles and one world club title. They are also the only European club to have played European football every season since 1955. Their greatest achievement to date came in 2009, when FC Barcelona became the first  team in the world six titles in the same year! 

Today players such as Lionel Messi light up Camp Nou and Barcelona continue to challenge in all competitions.  

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